Primary Logo Usage

Our primary logo is the official mark of the college. It is the most visible element of our identity. The logo should be used in a consistent manner and should not be altered in any way. We offer four logo options to accommodate the proportion of your available space. Please make note of each title, so you may easily request specific logo files without confusion.

The logo, adopted by the college in 2016, illustrates a globe surrounded by four paths. The four paths represent the four counties we serve: Clarendon, Kershaw, Lee and Sumter. The globe reflects our ongoing mission to provide local training for global technology.

The logo should not be used in any other colors or formats than expressed in this guide, nor should it be stretched or shrunk unproportionately. When working in Microsoft Office programs, remember to hold down the shift key to proportionately shrink or enlarge the logo.

A minimum of one inch of clear space around the logo is imperative. This gives the logo room and eliminates crowding. No objects or type should interfere with the clear space around the logo.

Proper Logo Usage

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  • 18-Jul-2018